When Chris Masse (with typo) pinches Henry Blodgets nose

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Previous blog posts by Chris F. Masse:

  • We could use a US Gambling And Betting Commission, but the best would be to have prediction exchanges (modeled after BetFair) that alert the sports bodies about any suspicions.
  • Did Patri Friedman misread BetFair?
  • BetFair makes the frontpage of the New York Times –as the White Knight of sports. — Note that the term “prediction markets” is never pronounced. — TradeSports is not mentioned, but the last paragraph of the article suggests that all Internet sports betting should be legal and regulated.
  • In the prediction market timeline, it’s 00:05 am. The most interesting developments of the field of prediction markets are yet to come. Join the Midas Oracle Project.
  • How Midas Oracle got started off…
  • Google Search thinks that Midas Oracle has more value than the New York Times and Freakonomics when the topic is Google’s enterprise prediction markets. How do you like that, Bo? It’s “cool”, no?
  • Using Prediction Markets to Track Information Flows: Evidence from Google — VIDEO — Bo Cowgill on Google’s enterprise prediction markets — O’Reilly Money:Tech

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