Nassim Nicholas Taleb likens modern-day financial markets to medicine in the 1800s, when going to a hospital in London or Paris multiplied your risk of death by four times, he says. Similarly, quants increase risk by deploying flawed financial tools designed to reduce it, he argues.

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Via Stan Jonas, Nassim Nicholas Taleb cited in a Bloomberg article (Taleb Outsells Greenspan as Black Swan Gives Worst Turbulence):

Stress tests are inherently risky because they ignore rare but potentially devastating events. […] .. [“stress test” = Wall Street lingo for examining how a market rout will play out]

Past shortfall doesn&#8217-t predict future shortfall. […]

Bayesian is necessary but not sufficient. […]

If you are in banking and lending, surprise outcomes are likely to be negative for you. Put yourself in situations where favorable consequences are much larger than unfavorable ones. […]

Go to parties! If you&#8217-re a scientist, you will chance upon a remark that might spark new research. […]

Also, see Stan Jonas&#8217- 2 takes on FOMC.

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