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  1. Anyone can comment &#8212-no need to be a registered member. It has been working fine. Spammers have been kept at bay by the math test. (They can&#8217-t count, apparently. :-D )
  2. Anyone can register himself/herself to become a member. A math test will deter spammers.
  3. The last part of some of my posts will be seen only by registered members &#8212-at times. You&#8217-ll be told to login or register to see the full post.
  4. I will send out an e-mail newsletter to the registered members &#8212-at times. This will be performed directly from the Midas Oracle system. Your e-mail addresses won&#8217-t be shared with an external service.

Meta Links:

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  • How To Get Removed.

That&#8217-s what you&#8217-ll see at the top of the sidebar:


Once logged in, here&#8217-s what you&#8217-ll see:


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