Justin Wolfers on Rudy Giuliani = not convincing… yet

Justin Wolfers investigated the Rudy Giuliani free-fall thru the prism of the InTrade prediction markets in the Wall Street Journal (PDF file).

All told, prediction market data tend to confirm that Mr. Giuliani&#8217-s recent decline is due to a poor campaign, rather than a poor strategy.

I have just read the 3-page New York Times story on Rudy Giuliani&#8217-s &#8220-dizzying free-fall&#8221- (who has not yet dropped out and endorsed John McCain, as I write this). And, as I understand the two NYT writers, they attribute his failure to both a strategic mistake and a poor campaign.

  1. &#8220-many advisers and political observers point to the hubris and strategic miscalculations that plagued his campaign.&#8221- &#8230- &#8220-a fateful decision&#8221- &#8230- &#8220-skipping the first four or five caucuses and primaries&#8221- &#8230-
  2. &#8220-he in fact competed hard in New Hampshire, to remarkably poor effect.&#8220-

As of today, I am not yet convinced that Justin Wolfers saw something in the prediction markets that the political analysts didn&#8217-t see in the polls and in the votes. Thus, I will find other Giuliani reports. I&#8217-ll see. What is needed is an independent judgment on this.

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