Trade on BetFair with a TradeFair-like interface thanks to the BinarySoft order-entry software.

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BinarySoft develop innovative cross-platform software to operate with online betting exchanges such as Betfair.

Online betting is currently taking the internet by storm, with betting exchanges seeing huge traded volumes in a wide range of markets from sports to political and financial bets. The dividing line between investing and gambling is becoming increasingly blurred, with millions of people worldwide now actively trading on betting exchanges.

BinarySoft develop innovative cross-platform software to enable betting exchange users to trade more efficiently. We are officially certified by the Betfair API, which means that we work closely with Betfair to ensure that our software is reliable and secure.

BinarySoft BDI™ is a revolutionary new way to trade on the Betfair betting exchange. It uses binary prices to present a clean and professional interface for all Betfair markets and is especially suited to markets which have exactly two selections.

About BinarySoft
BinarySoft Ltd was founded in December 2006 by Chris Gibbs. Chris graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University in 2003 and has since been involved in various internet start-up companies, providing a wide range of software products and solutions. BinarySoft, his latest venture, was formed out of a keen interest in financial systems and mathematics, together with extensive trading experience in sports and financial markets.

Our Mission
The primary mission of the company is to provide innovative software products for the betting and financial industries. Several exciting new ideas at various stages of the design cycle are currently in development.

Great care is taken over the quality and reliability of our software. All products undergo substantial beta testing before being released and we listen carefully to feedback from our users in order to provide truly world-class software. We pride ourselves in having the most elegant and efficient user interfaces in our field.

BinarySoft are currently based in an office in Bath, UK. The company is a privately held limited company, registered in England and Wales, company number 06032505.


BinarySoft Ltd
Suite 5
Piccadilly House
London Road

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0)1225 22 10 10

Chris Gibbs is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, I love Bath. Went two times. Not far away from StoneHenge.

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