50 askmarkets invites for Midas Oracle readers

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Aiming at providing high-quality prediction markets services, both of unique elegance and zero learning curve, we plan to start deploying by going deep. And by deep we don&#8217-t refer to techcrunch, or walmart (yet), but to the biggest active community of prediction markets experts, midas oracle.

So, we start by giving you, the most demanding audience for such a service, early access to first stress-test askmarkets and to email us your impressions, proposals and bugs you encountered (we bet there are still some hiding somewhere), before really going &#8216-wild&#8217-, ..em public. Just navigate to our homepage, enter your email and password &#8216-midasoracle&#8217- and the first 50 of you will get in (we&#8217-ll also invite the latecomers later on).

u r invited to askmarkets!

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