New Kid on the Blog: Nosco.

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Nosco is a Danish company specialized in Prediction Markets. We are very happy to have been given the opportunity to blog here at Midas Oracle.

We will try to keep you all updated on the business of prediction markets in Scandinavia.

A few words about Nosco
Nosco was founded in 2006 by Jesper Krogstrup and Oliver Bernhard Pedersen. We are currently five employees. We use our own custom-designed software, Information Exchange. Among our clients are TV 2 (the largest Danish television channel) and Danske Bank (Scandinavia’s largest bank).

TV 2
In February 2007, the Danish Television channel TV 2|Denmark launched &#8216-Nyhedsspillet&#8216- (The News game). ‘Nyhedsspillet’ is a Prediction Market in news. Our main approach has been to make the user an active part of the news and thereby giving the user a feeling of influence and interaction. In less than 3 months, 21.000 people participated in ‘Nyhedsspillet’.


By means of RSS, we show all relevant news/articles on a dynamic graph. This provides the participant with a visual timeline of all relevant news. Also, we can automatically push a small graph of the share to all relevant articles.

Danske Bank
Nosco have also designed internal Prediction Markets for the largest banks in Scandinavia. In this case, Prediction Markets are being used to evaluate ideas and to estimate key variables in regards to change management.

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  1. Chris. F. Masse said:

    Congrats to you, and best wishes for Nosco. :)

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