Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama – by libertarian Alex Jones

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Our good friend Max Keiser (who appears in both the film and the teaser trailer) tells me that Alex Jones&#8217-s channel on YouTube has had 4,592,178 views. Wow.

YouTube video:

The Obama Deception on DVD

Bloomberg says WSJ says Tim Kaine is Barack Obamas VP.

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I don&#8217-t have a link, as the Bloomberg tape just printed it at 12:15pm EST. Will update when available.

Unfortunately, Intrade was down, so I could not check where things were trading.

He who laughs last, right Chris?

UPDATE: Jack Tapper says there is a hoax email out there, which could be the basis for the Bloomberg article.

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Waiting for Barack Obamas choice for VP candidate

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Lawsuit about the ineligibility of Barack Obama for the US presidency. &#8212- Not a hoax.

Pranksters are sending false text messages. &#8211- Did Caveat Bettor fall in this trap?

Texas Rep. Chet Edwards is the surprise just out of the hat.